Digital Product Innovation
Ideation, Design Thinking, Strategy, MVP, PoC, Digitalization, Trends, Customer Experience

Business Model Innovation
Business Model Canvas, Navigator, Sparring, Implementation

Management Coaching
Digital Change, Digital Transformation, Culture, Vision
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Consulting and service

Ready for the digital transformation?

Digital Product Innovation
Customers love to engage and interact with digital products. Replace one technical feature with experience for success. Add Customer Experience to your R&D! How does the customer experience affect your value proposition? Do you know how your customers think, get motivated, act and share the product happiness?

Innovation and Trend Scouting Innovation Process Analysis & Development Product Digitization & Digitalization

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Business Model Innovation
The business model provides a holistic picture of how a company creates, delivers and captures value by defining the Who, What, How and Why of a business. A study conducted by BCG and MIT Sloan found that business model innovation is a key driver for successful sustainability related innovations.

The business model elements:
CUSTOMER - who are our target customers?
VALUE PROPOSITION - what do we offer to customers?
VALUE CHAIN - how do we produce our offerings?
PROFIT MECHANISM - why does it generate profit?

Tommorrow’s competitive advantage of companies will not be based on innovative products and services, but on innovative business models.

BMI Penetration Test & Analysis Business Model Generation & Innovation BMI Process Development & Installation

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Management Coaching
Change management and culture is a key success factor in any transformation project - identifying barriers and enablers is crucial for implementing growth and entering new areas. Thinking outside of dominant industry logic - is no simple matter. Mental blocks hamper the development of fresh ideas. The difficulty of thinking in terms of business models rather than of technologies and products.

C-Level & Management Strategy Sparring Corporate Culture & Change Management Xperience & Tech Journey: Malmo 2020 Shanghai 2020

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China Learning Expedition 2020
You can join the China Learning Expedition trip to Shanghai and Shenzhen. This journey is about sensing, hands on exploring, tasting and being hit by the Chinese tech sophistication that is bluffing everyone. China's tech scene is about to explode and cause massive disruption in established industries, and now is the perfect time to understand what is happening with your own two eyes.
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China Learning Expedition

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What people say, press and speaker

Kevin Valdek / High Mobility / Berlin-DE
I worked together with Josef in a joint product development project. The topic required complex technical integration while maintaining strong user experience, which suited Josef very well. He quickly sees the big picture and is not afraid to get into details.
David Seoane / IMPACT Connected Car / Madrid-ES
I worked with Josef in the review of my current company Business Innovation Management processes, and this was a very useful and fruitful experience for me since he helped me to understand those processes in a better way and clearly identify the success and fail factors of my personal and work experience in that area. This was a very well driven work that definitively helped me to improve my daily work in this space.
Harald Weinberger / mobile agreements / Linz-AT
Intelligent Internet of Things applications require a well-thought-out and coordinated integration of hardware and software. Josef has experience and know how in both disciplines. Together with him we have managed to implement a successful and consistent solution.
Interview about innovation in the retail business:
Book launch: The Secret Key: BMI for Established Companies
How to get prepared transforming your business model:

Education, experience

International Management MBA - Global Business China

Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management Beijing

MBA - Innovation and Product Management

LIMAK Johannes Kepler University Austrian Business School

Psychology and Counseling MSc (in ed.)

Karl-Franzens University Graz

IBM Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner


Product Manager (FH)

Marketing Academy Munich & University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Certified Coach and Social Work

Impulse & Seminare Salzburg and University of Applied Sciences
Upper Austria. Diploma in Life Counseling and Coaching.

Software Engineering Ing.

Higher Technical School Leonding